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Get a loan backed by investors, friends and even grandma
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Our online peer-to-peer funding portal can get your existing business into the eyes of Investors, they love seeing your business grow and so do we.

Use a peer backed loan to expanding your already running business, finance equipment, buy upgrades, refinance existing debts. Build on your existing proven business.
How do peer-to-peer loans actually work?
Peer-to-peer lending matches a Borrower with a Lender with Helium Loans in the middle connecting the two.
A Borrower like yourself has an amount of money in mind and a Lender has a budget and would like to make a few investments.

Not all loans are funded and loans expire on the Loan Market after 60 days

Create your loan profile with details about your business, including the products and services offered

Investors see your loan and read all about your business on the Market and choose to invest money within 60 days

If your loan is successful the funds are collected from investors and deposited directly into your business bank account
How do I get a peer-to-peer loan started?

It's pretty simple really. You post the details of your small business loan through our online signup process. We only ask the important stuff like what's this loan used for, how much are you looking for and how long do you want to pay it. Next your loan is presented to investors from around Canada and they invest. After a few weeks your loan is funded and the funds are deposited into your bank account.

Starting an Application

It's easy to qualify and post your loan on the peer-to-peer market

We'll work with you and our award winning customer support is here to help you get up and running quickly!

Application approval is based on a number of factors
  Business is incorporated in Canada
  At least $5,000 of cash available
  Min. monthly revenue of $10,000
  In business for more than 1 year
  Owner credit scores exceed 600

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