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Get your loan interest stopped, payments reduced and even pay just a portion of the debit you owe. It's all possible with credit counselling, without declaring bankruptcy.

Stop Interest
You could get the interest on your loans frozen, meaning no growing balances and a real way to pay them off over the next few years.

Reduce Payments
Monthly payments can be reduced by working with creditors to pay only a portion of the balance you owe.

Stay Happy
Stay on topof your finances and be happy knowing that you're paying down your debt with the help of credit counselling.
Why should you get credit counselling?
As you have taken out too many loans and are struggling to make payments, it just makes sense to get a credit counselor. The service will help you get your growing debt under control with payments you can afford. Stop the collection agency calls and letters by reaching out to a counselor today. They're friendly people and only want to help you get back on track. .

Compare your options and choose if counselling, a consumer proposal or declaring bankruptcy is right for you
Personal Objective Counselling Proposal Bankruptcy
1. Have someone to talk to about getting your balances under control with payments you can afford   Yes   Yes   No
2. Get interest stopped, making loans easier to pay off   Yes   Yes   No
3. Keep your credit score in relatively good standing   Yes   Yes   No
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How to get started

It's easy to discuss your options for credit counselling, entering into a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Operators are friendly and standing by today.
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  Look at your existing debts
  Estimate your monthly payments
  Help you choose the right decision
Getting interest rates on existing loans to 0% requires the consent of the original lender and although rare could be declined. Getting payments reduced for outstanding debt also requires the consent of the lender and although rare could be declined. Declaring bankruptcy should be a last resort and clients are encouraged so participate in credit counselling or consumer proposals. counselling services are provided by our partner - Consolidated Credit Services of Canada Inc, a registered insolvency trustee #4705786.