Personal Loans
With instant deposit or direct deposit available
Could you use a Personal Loan?

Sometimes you just need some extra money. Maybe your bank account is short this week and you need to make a major purchase or something unexpected happens. That's when a personal loan can really help. Use your loan to consolidate debts, cover medical bills, or make some home improvements, or even improve your credit.

Whatever your reasons, if you need some more money right now - from $100 up to $5,000 - Helium Loans can help steer you in the right direction.

Personal Loans are based on your credit score and financial standing
Calculate your payment options
Understand how your loan amount and frequency impact payments
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
Loan Amount
Borrowing Compared
Borrowing Need Traditional Helium
Get a loan instantly Takes Days   Yes
Borrow more Never   Yes
Delay a payment Double Next Time   Yes
Extend loan Not Allowed   Yes
Payoff early Fees Added   Yes
We want to work with you and keep your account in good standing, your good credit history and keep you on top of your finances. This is why we offer real solutions to common borrowing problems.
Personal Installment Loans

Focus on what you like to and get a loan that includes borrowing for

Unexpected Expenses
  Car Repairs
  Child Expenses
  Utility Bills
  Medical Expenses
  Lost or stolen items

New Purchases
  Phones & Computers
  New Clothing
  Online Spending

  Make one easy payment
  Avoid credit card fees
  Potentially lower interest
  Avoid payday borrowing
  Prepay anytime
Instant Approval
With our automated approval process you get a decision instantly without waiting for days like typical lenders. Information you mention is verified with your bank.
Loan Extension
Extend your loan to make payments smaller and more affordable after you've had at least 90 days of good payment history.
No Pre-payment fees
There are no additional fees to pre-pay a portion of your loan or to pay in full before the term is up. Interest still applies.
Credit History
Loan payment history is reported the credit bureaus, increasing your score when the loan is repaid.

Transunion of Canada
Equifax Canada

Quick and easy access to personal loans is available

How to qualify

We make it easy to apply online and receive an instant decision on your loan application. Everything can be completed right from your mobile phone or computer and no paperwork needs to be sent in.

Loan approval is based on a number of factors

  Currently Employed
  Make at least $2,000 after tax per month
  Have a bank account in good standing
  Credit Score above 600

  You can check your credit score for free
  with Credit Karma Canada

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