File a Complaint

What is considered a complaint?

A complaint is any verbal or written expression of dissatisfaction with Helium Loans, our services, our products or the way we interact.

How are complaints handled?

We are committed to giving our customers to very best loan experience we can. All complaints will be reviewed, investigated and if necessary further action will be taken. The customer will be kept up to date on events regarding the action taken related to the complaint. Complaints will be addressed within a 90 day time frame.

What to tell us

When contacting our customer service representatives concerning a complaint, please try to follow these tips to help us resolve the matter as fast and timely as possible:

  • Be concise with your complaint
  • The time and date it happened
  • What you expect to happen to resolve this complaint
  • Make your complaint as soon as possible
  • Reply promptly if we have questions for you
  • Keep documentation of your complaints

What we will do

After you have filed a complaint with us, we will be committed to performing the following within 90 days:

  • Acknowledge your complaint
  • The results of our investigation
  • Our decision regarding your complaint
  • an explanation of our decision

If our investigation or decision is delayed, we will:

  • Inform you of the delay
  • Explain why our investigation or decision is delayed
  • Provide a date that our investigation will be concluded
  • Provide a date that we will reach a decision

File a Complaint

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