A different class of investment for credit

Invest in a credit portfolio that lends your money out to individuals or small businesses and generate fixed income

Invest in Canadian credit

Investing in consumer and small business credit in Canada has typically been reserved for Institutions and Banks. Today you can invest in consumer and small business credit and feel good about helping others.

One Loan
A new loan is approved and then placed into the pool with same risk class

Many Notes
The loan is split into notes of $100 and then bought at your level of risk

Your Portfolio
Portfolios are made up of several loans and different risk levels, increasing potential yield
Loans are graded to match your level of risk

Clients are evaluated based on a credit grade from A to F depending on their financial standing. We use proprietary industry leading technology to score prospective clients for you.

Return of 5.99 %

Return of 7.99 %

Return of 9.99 %

Return of 12.99 %

Not lendable

Mix Return of 9.99 %
Various factors can impact portfolio performance results. Investors should review the materials provided and consult with an investment advisor prior to investing.
Why should investors invest in
consumer lending?
As borrowers repay their loans, investors receive payments of principal and interest and can receive monthly cash flow ranging between 5-8%. This differs from the structure of a typical bond, where an investor gets interest-only payments over the life of the bond and principal is returned at maturity. Assuming borrowers make their payments, cash balances can build up quickly in Helium Loans accounts.
Investment objective
1) Investing in the consumer credit asset class through Helium Loans provides a portfolio diversification opportunity that only large-scale banks have access to and the potential to earn competitive returns.   Yes
2) Cut out management fees and provide direct exposure to consumer and small business credit.   Yes
3) This strategy seeks solid returns with short duration and low correlation through investing in a broadly diversified universe of personal, small business, education and medical loans.   Yes
More than 99% of portfolios with 100+ notes see positive returns.

Investors can avoid the ups and downs associated with the stock market by utilizing the stable yield from consumer credit.
Are you ready to invest in consumer credit?
You can own a portion of Helium Loans or invest directly in the loan pool and have your approval ready in as little as 24 hours.
Are you an Individual Investor?

Invest in Helium Loans today through with a minimum Convertible Note commitment of $10K.

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Are you an Accredited Investor?

Is your net worth more than $1M or is your income more than $200K? Invest in Convertible Notes starting at $25K.

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Are you a Financial Advisor?

Learn how you can add Helium Loan Notes to your clients portfolios today, starting with a minimum reservation of $25K.

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Are you a Institutional Investor or Bank?

Learn how you can add Helium Loan Notes to your balance sheet today, starting with a minimum reservation of $50K.

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