Payday Loans
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Sometimes you just need some extra money. Maybe your bank account is short this week and you need to make a major purchase or something unexpected happens. That's when a Payday loan can really help. Use your loan to add money to your bank account until your next payday and cover medical expenses, make some repairs or pay bills. You'll improve your credit score when you payback on time.

Whatever your reasons, if you need some more money right now - up to $500 - Helium Loans can help steer you in the right direction. Get the cash you need instantly!
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Payday loans include borrowing for

  Unexpected Bills
  Medical Expenses
  Cash advances
Delay a payment up to 14 days for free
No Fee
Instant Approval
With our automated approval process you get a decision instantly without waiting for days like typical lenders. Plus funds are deposited instantly!
Borrow what you need
You can borrow up to your maximum approved amount or as little as $100. It's your choice!
No early payment fees
Pay off a payday loan anytime you want - there is no need to wait until the due date arrives. Just start a transfer right from your account!
Quick and easy access to Payday loans is available

How to qualify

We make it easy to apply online and receive an instant decision on your loan application. Everything can be completed right from your mobile phone or computer and no paperwork needs to be sent in.

Loan approval is based on a number of factors

  Currently Employed
  Make at least $2,000 after tax per month
  Have a bank account in good standing
  Credit Score above 550

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Payday loans are high cost loans.

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