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In Canada there are lenders that make you wait days and sending in paperwork then there is us. We offer clients the ability to get a loan instantly online with flexible easy to manage payments.

AISH stands for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, which is a social assistance program provided by the government of Alberta, Canada. It provides financial assistance to eligible individuals with disabilities who are unable to earn a living or provide for themselves financially.

To be eligible for AISH, individuals must meet certain criteria related to their disability and income level. The disability must be severe and prolonged, and must significantly impact the individual's ability to work and earn an income. The income threshold is based on the individual's marital status, with a higher threshold for those who are married or in a common-law relationship.

AISH provides a monthly living allowance, as well as benefits such as health coverage, dental coverage, and a child benefit for eligible dependents. The amount of the living allowance is based on the individual's income, with a maximum amount set by the government.

AISH is intended to provide basic financial support to individuals with disabilities who are unable to work or earn an income, and is not meant to replace other sources of income or support. It is designed to help these individuals maintain a basic standard of living and access the services and supports they need to live independently.

We offer loans for people on AISH when combined with another source of income or a guarantor.

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Why get a Payday Plus loan?

Payday Plus loans from Helium Loans are a type of short-term loan that is broken up over several pay periods. They are designed to provide quick access to cash for unexpected expenses or emergencies. While they may offer some benefits, such as:

Quick access to funds: Payday Plus loans can provide fast access to cash, often within 24 hours of approval, which can be helpful in emergency situations.

Easy application process: Payday loan applications are often simple and straightforward, with few requirements beyond proof of income and identification. This can make them more accessible to individuals who may have difficulty obtaining credit through traditional means.

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We make it easy to apply online and receive an instant decision on your loan application. Everything can be completed right from your mobile phone or computer and no paperwork needs to be sent in.

Loan approval is based on a number of factors

  Currently Employed
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  Have a bank account in good standing
  Credit Score above 600
  Be a resident of Prince Edward Island or surrounding areas

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